Company Background

Founded in 2021, Detectium stands as a Finnish startup born from a collaboration between three key partners: EIT Digital, Business Finland, and Aalto University. Our shared objective is to mitigate industrial fire-related casualties through the innovative application of digital twinning technology and AI.

As part of our journey, Detectium secured funding from the EIT Digital Open Innovation Factory 2023 program, marking a pivotal innovation activity within the digital industry domain. Additionally, in 2023, we received crucial support from Business Finland, enabling dedicated research and development efforts toward our solution.

What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin is the digital counterpart of a physical asset that specifically works with real-time data fed by sensor systems to record and analyze the real-time structural and environmental parameters of a physical asset. This is done for the purpose of performing highly accurate simulations and data analytics.

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Company vision and mission

At Detectium, we're committed to advancing anomaly detection through innovative solutions. We embark on a journey towards comprehensive and dynamic risk assessment for incident prevention. Our approach involves integrating advanced technologies to provide clients with an advanced platform for superior risk management and mitigation.


Our mission is to make fire safety more reliable and smart. By combining AI and Digital Twins, we enable a new paradigm in fire detection and prevention.